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Garage Door Replacement in Stockton, CADon’t you hate it when you come late from work and cannot park in your garage because the door is malfunctioning? If this unpleasant situation occurs frequently then you should get in touch with us. We are a seasoned garage door company and we provide affordable maintenance services in Stockton, CA. We started our business almost 10 years ago and today we are the contractor to go to when you are having garage gate difficulties.

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There Isn’t a Problem That We Cannot Solve


At A Pro Garage Door Repair Service, we can repair the following types of garage door:


  • Roll-up doors

  • Swing-out doors

  • Swing-up doors

  • Slide to side doors


We have the tools to inspect their mechanism and determined whether it is the cause of your troubles. We will also inspect the door opener, as in most cases it is the main source of problems. Once all defects have been detected we will carry out the needed repairs. Don’t worry if the issue is coming from the springs or hinges because we will replace them with newer ones.


We Are Here to Help Residents and Business Owners


Our technicians are masterful specialists and can fix automatic, manual and remote controlled gates. Our garage door company is acclaimed for its deep understanding of the industry. We serve commercial and private customers, so regardless of your gate’s type give us a call because we from A Pro Garage Door Repair Service are the ideal solution for your problems.


Fair Prices and Awesome Discounts

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Our repair services are fairly rated and will certainly be within your means. The Stockton, CA speaks highly of our prices as they give them the best value for their money. Ask for a free estimate today and see for yourself that our fees are perfectly suitable for your budget.

Stop wasting time and tolerating your faulty garage door and call us today at (209) 226-4714. We will help you get your car in its proper parking space.